A group of students attempt to jump in the air all at once for the photo

Zambian and Gambian students engaged in a "tribal unification" wisdom exchange, practicing the habit-of-heart Appreciation of Diversity.

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Girls learn how to help raise sheep.
Innovation: Girls United members in Bong Mines County planned a project to raise sheep and chickens (205+) to support 30 elders, widows, and orphans. 
Preschoolers gather together.
Love: Preschoolers in Johnsonville, Liberia gestured to show that
the habit of love can bind a family, a community, and a nation.
Nursing students at their desks in class.
 Unity: Children in Southern Chad learned unity by growing and selling food,
to buy chalk for their teachers. 
A girl presents here food cycle diagram.
Love: Gambian children used math, science and art to teach nutrition to mothers of malnourished children in their project called “Every Stage of Life Matters.
Students display their Batik work.
Creativity: Nigerian students practiced the habit of creativity, making batik as gifts to honor the artist and other community role models. 
Gambian children at their school desks.
Respect: Nursing students at Zambia’s Links Field College benefit from instructor Mabel Kandongwe’s
Full-Circle Learning approach and from their identity as the Class of Respect.
Students stand on a learning bridge.
Teamwork: Students at the Vonye G. Dahn School demonstrated how to resolve a conflict.
In the month of May alone, training workshops at several new schools illuminated new concepts for a thousand more Liberians students.

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Four young children holding seed heads, learning patience by growing grass hair in sod.

Community Impact

The Full-Circle Learning has offered pro bono capacity building support to practitioners in 35 countries, on almost every continent. Watch for annual highlights here. 

Paths of Purpose


Through partnerships with like-minded organizations and individual humanitarians, Full-Circle brings scholarship opportunities to students attending schools where they receive encouragement to bring about the peace, security, health, tranquility, and wellbeing of an ever-widening family of humans and living beings. To learn more about these funds email info@fullcirclelearning.org.

  1. EHG Fund/FCL’s Madam Dorbor Scholarships for secondary students in Liberia 
  2. Mahmoudi Global Scholarship for Justice
  3. 2021 Change Agent Scholarships
  4. Mona Foundation/FCL’s Tarzana Habits-of-Heart Club Scholarships
A student takes a picture of a globe on a stand with her camera


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