A group of students attempt to jump in the air all at once for the photo

Zambian and Gambian students engaged in a "tribal unification" wisdom exchange, practicing the habit-of-heart Appreciation of Diversity.

A woman holds up a t-shirt saying, She believed she could change the world so she became a teacher

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News from the Full-Circle Learning Family

Girls learn how to help raise sheep.
Innovation: Girls United members in Bong Mines County planned a project to raise sheep and chickens (205+) to support 30 elders, widows, and orphans. 
Liberian students support elders with signs.
Liberian learners assisted immobile elders to commemorate Disabilities Week.
Nursing students at their desks in class.
 Unity: Children in Southern Chad learned unity by growing and selling food,
to buy chalk for their teachers. 
A girl presents here food cycle diagram.
Love: Gambian children used math, science and art to teach nutrition to mothers of malnourished children in their project called “Every Stage of Life Matters.
Students display their Batik work.
Creativity: Nigerian students practiced the habit of creativity, making batik as gifts to honor the artist and other community role models. 
Nigeria's Disparities health team talk with a patient and her baby.
Nigeria's Health Disparities Team has improved health for thousands of people across their region.
They compare approaches and diseases with wisdom exchange partner schools in Zambia.
Students stand on a learning bridge.
Teamwork: Students at the Vonye G. Dahn School demonstrated how to resolve a conflict.
In the month of May alone, training workshops at several new schools illuminated new concepts for a thousand more Liberians students.

About the Map

Community Impact

The Full-Circle Learning has offered pro bono capacity building support to practitioners in 35 countries, on almost every continent. Watch for annual highlights here. 

Four young children holding seed heads, learning patience by growing grass hair in sod.

Communities Served

Currently serving 789,368 constituents in Chad, China, Ghana, Lesotho, Liberia, Nigeria, the Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, the US and Zambia.
(Through training programs, projects, grants, scholarships and humanitarian aid)

Locations of Practitioners Directly Served, 2020-2021

Total schools: 21
Total students: 8,400
Total teachers: 168
Total schools: 35
Total students: 16,500
Total teachers: 304
Total schools: 1
Total students: 450
Total teachers: 10
Total schools: 10
Total students: 5,000
Total educational leaders: 80
Total schools: 736
Total students: 220,800
Total teachers: 14,720
Total schools: 33
Total students: 7,000
Total teachers: 640
The Gambia
Total schools: 22
Total students: 2,600
Total teachers: 109
Total schools: 3
Total students: 100
Total teachers: 6
Total schools: 36
Total students: 6,328
Total teachers: 203
Teacher and students form a all hands in circle.

If the world feels more peaceful, if everyone can eat, if communities survive climate change in the coming decades, it will be due to the vision, compassion, and global cohesion of today’s generation.

We Create Change through Global Education

Full-Circle Learning (FCL), an award-winning global 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, based in the US, helps young people aspire to improve the world in which we all live.

By integrating life skills, academics, local service, and global wisdom exchanges, they attach greater purpose to learning, to altruism, and to positive change. Their schools contextualize habit-of-heart themes through academic units that tackle poverty, health disparities, elder care, food security, peace, climate change adaptations — or whatever will enhance their local communities, create systemic transformation, strengthen students’ skills and convictions, and uplift the human family.

Meanwhile, Full-Circle Learning’s board offers in-kind service to nurture teacher and learner capacities, while responding to requests for project grants, materials, and school scholarships in the most vulnerable of communities.

A school principal in Africa recently said: “The integration of FCL into our national curriculum is so essential because it provides huge benefits to the next generation.”

The adjacent list of schools and communities received humanitarian and financial support in 2020 through April 2021. More countries and schools have since joined in, believing that when we light the eyes of one child, we can better illumine the future of humanity and all living beings.

2020-2021 Community Impact Report:

From Resilience to Brilliance

2019 Community Impact Report:

Paths of Purpose


Through partnerships with like-minded organizations and individual humanitarians, Full-Circle brings scholarship opportunities to students attending schools where they receive encouragement to bring about the peace, security, health, tranquility, and wellbeing of an ever-widening family of humans and living beings. To learn more about these funds email info@fullcirclelearning.org.

  1. EHG Fund/FCL’s Madam Dorbor Scholarships for secondary students in Liberia 
  2. Mahmoudi Global Scholarship for Justice
  3. 2021 Change Agent Scholarships
  4. Mona Foundation/FCL’s Tarzana Habits-of-Heart Club Scholarships
A student takes a picture of a globe on a stand with her camera


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