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Some educational models teach what to learn or how to learn. Full-Circle Learning teaches why we should learn. The educational model unites and motivates the practical goals of the head, hands and heart...More >

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As a friend of Full-Circle Learning, you will support scholarship students such as Helena and Wubu and will help support projects in vulnerable communities around the world and in the U.S. More >

From California, USA to Hangzhou, China to Zambia, Africa to Haiti- Check out the FCL Sites Around the World! More >


Education can transform students, teachers, communities and global relationships. Children in Full-Circle Learning classes came to the forefront of that transformation movement...More >

  • Online Help for Caregivers

Dr. Farzin Rahmani has developed a course on Care Skills for those who want to prepare for health care careers or simply to provide service within their communities. Its new feature provides background information on the novel coronavirus. Please take advantage of this feature. To participate in the complete version of the guide online Care Skills course, contact the Africa Continental Headquarters or Click photo below to read more and access the course. 


Food Aid During School Closures 

  • Online Help for Teachers and Learners​

In addition to providing higher education course materials for education majors and for caregivers, Full-

Circle Learning have been designed for use during lock-down periods. Guided online classes will be available in certain counties. Contact your regional headquarters or for details.

Teachers Network to Prepare for Pandemic

  • Emergency Empathy Fund

Full-Circle Learning has set up an Emergency Fund for vulnerable communities where children, especially orphans, depend on schools for food. Some now face the threat of food insecurity along with health risks, due to schools closures. We are monitoring the pandemic, the closures and the FCL regions of greatest need. Your contributions to this fund will determine whether we can meet the many request at our doorstep. Please select the DONATE button and earmark your contribution by writing in Emergency Empathy Fund.


One of every three children in Africa go to bed hungry, interfering with learning and reciliency to life-threatening disease. School closures due to Covid-19 have made those statistics radically higher. By April 14, 2020, FCL school leaders such as Lorpu(right), in the Skinkor, Paynesville and Lower Johnsonville districts of Liberia, had distributed humanitarian food aid to 216 teachers. These teams helped feed the most vulnerable, including orphans who rely on schools for their one meal a day. A recipient remarked, "It was like you had given us water two drink when we are so thirsty and had nowhere too turn." Your donation today can feed even more.

K-12 teachers around the world strive to bring the learning full-circle for their students - to infuse a sense of purpose into offsite education during a pandemic, when we truly need to raise a new generation of change agents. The world's conditions may change the tools we use and the creative strategies we must employ, but if anything, these seeming limitations on learning make our mission and vision more profound than ever. Ask about online chats for teachers.

Relevance and

Sharing lesson plans and online resources, FCL mentor teachers link the habits-of-heart to relevant academics during school closures. They inspire relevant service for homes and communities. Wisdom exchanges across borders play a special role in keeping the sense of connection strong. 

If you are a Full-Circle Learning teacher, check the Resource section for sample learning units. Even with disrupted classrooms, you need not disrupt the valuable learning you provide your students. 

The many children supported by this large family may have starved without FCL's Emergency Empathy Fund. In various locked down countries, the threat of food insecurity outweigh fear of the pandemic. We have extended the hunger project to include ten more nations with current school closures: Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Chad, The Gambia, and Lesotho. FCL Leaders reminded teachers of the chance to save lives with just a bag of rice, a bottle of oil and an effort to draw others into the cause. We now pass that reminder on to the friends of Full-Circle Learning. Thank you for your contributions.


Four schools in Liberia formed a coronavirus choir to write and sing a love song for China. After their own batter with Ebola, they felt deep empathy about ending the infection for distant brothers and sisters.