A group of students attempt to jump in the air all at once for the photo

Students from Gandoma school jumped for joy after being invited by their guest speaker, a scholarship student, to help with a drug awareness campaign.

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Wisdom Means More than Words

Full-Circle Learners and teachers apply their habits of heart and mind to serve their human family, Their global wisdom exchanges increased in immediacy and complexity in 2021, as schools more ably collaborated across national borders to apply salve to community challenges in addition to the pandemic.

For example, on a health disparities wisdom exchange, the habit-of-heart awareness prompted Nigerian students to help surrounding communities prevent Lassa fever and Zambian students to reduce typhoid. Schools advanced tribal unification through bold campaigns for appreciation of diversity in the Gambia and in Zambia. Wisdom exchanges also included energy projects and sustainable development projects, while Girls United participants painted a portrait for Nobel Peace prize winner Leymah Gbowee and engaged her in their peace advocacy aims. 

During the same quarter, Gambian learners taught mothers of malnourished children about nutrition, while individual scholarship students in Liberia took on initiatives to teach drug awareness, farming, handwashing and even crabbing, to enhance food security.

Teacher training workshops added to the ranks in Chad, the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Zambia in the first quarter of 2021. With the help of capacity building programs for teachers, project grants for schools, and scholarships for students, learners lifted their goal from mere resilience to brilliance, becoming beacons of altruism in their communities.

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Over its first three decades, the influence of Full-CircleLearning has touched many nations around the world.

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Four young children holding seed heads, learning patience by growing grass hair in sod.

Long-term Overviews

The Full-Circle Learning has offered pro bono capacity building support to practitioners in 35 countries, on almost every continent. Watch for annual highlights here. 

Paths of Purpose


Through partnerships with like-minded organizations and individual humanitarians, Full-Circle brings scholarship opportunities to students attending schools where they receive encouragement to bring about the peace, security, health, tranquility, and wellbeing of an ever-widening family of humans and living beings. To learn more about these funds email info@fullcirclelearning.org.

  1. EHG Fund/FCL’s Madam Dorbor Scholarships for secondary students in Liberia 
  2. Mahmoudi Global Scholarship for Justice
  3. NC-CAN/FCL’s 5-Day California Climate Change Agents Overnight Camp
  4. Mona Foundation/FCL’s Tarzana Habits-of-Heart Club Scholarships
A student takes a picture of a globe on a stand with her camera


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Two children shake hands surrounded by a group.
Every learning unit incorporates conflict resolution challenges, from Tarzana to Tanzania
A child shows appreciation to their teacher.
China was the first of 13 countries to develop FCL-driven distance-learning programs during the pandemic.
A group of children in their cultural heritage.
Learners danced in their diverse native costumes to showcase unity in Papua New Guinea.
A group of young women smiling on a sunny day holding a small child.
Girls in Piru California, among many in the world, connect habits-of-heart to leadership roles.
A large group of teachers in Ghana.
Thousands of teachers, like these in Ghana, learn to customize the FCL model for their regions.
Three children smiling squished together in laughter.
A museum exhibit featured children from Afghanistan and 7 other countries depicting the relationship of peace and the environment.
A group of children in Liberia addressing the camera with signs and speaking into the microphone.
Children advocate peace in Liberia: A girl named Teeta gave a speech advocating unity instead of war.
Three boys read material from the Habit-of-heart module.
Habit-of-heart units connect required academics to character education and relevant community building.
A group of children in school uniform smile and wave.
After Ebola increased poverty, students took a field trip to ask vendors to make food affordable for the poor.
A child is excitedly speaking to an adult who has knelt to listen.
On a service-learning field trip, learners honored biomedical researchers for altruism.

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