Music Downloads

Proceeds from these purchases help distant FCL teachers and students transform communities and address the world's most pressing challenges. The songs may also help your own students or children link character traits to the service projects you plan together.

Full-Circle Learning Artists


The following musicians donated their talent and many hours of labor, free of charge, to perform or arrange the songs on the Full-Circle Learning CDs (listed here in alphabetical order):




Anna Barnes (1 song) 

Kristin Barnes (19 songs)

The Late My-Key Bellamy (5 songs)

Kevin Clayton (10 songs)

Hyla Douglas (1 song)

Eric Dozier (2 songs)

JB Eckl (4 songs)

Jan Faulkner (6 songs)

Lady Jo Faulkner (6 songs)

Chris French (8 songs)

Julian French (1 song)

J. J. Johnson (1 song)

The late Dave Lichten (1 song)

Giovanna Moraga (10 songs)

Jorge Moraga (9 songs)

Darrell Metcalf (26 songs)

Leon Mobley  ( 1 song)

KC Porter (1 song)

Ed Scott (10 songs)

Pamela Starks (1 song)

Chris Thompson (1 song)

Alison Trahela (10 songs)




Cherie Moraga (7 songs)

Eric Dozier (2 songs)

J.B. Eckl (1 song)

Chris French (1 song)

Teresa Henkle Langness (41 songs)

Darrell Metcalf (1 song)

Engineers/Donors of Studio Time


Darrell Metcalf (26 songs)

Chris French (8 songs)

Aurin Lahiri (10 songs)

KC Porter (studio-20 songs)

Kevin Clayton (10 songs)

Alfonso Rodenas (10 songs)

Mike Velasquez (10 songs)