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A Model Emerges

Two students present a buffet of food.Students patiently working on classwork.Two students greet horses.A student in class peers into a microscope.

 Many students in the original pilot program, here, increased their grade equivalency and understanding of relevant purpose over the first two years in the program. 

 Inspired by integrated learning, they set purposeful humanitarian goals in elementary school. Many of those tracked by FCL grew up to pursue professions in health care, education, academia the arts.

 Students hosted a library reading by one of their classmates who had illustrated a book to help early learners aspire to serve.

 The bilingual book, Animal Aspirations, illustrated by Melissa Douglas, especially became a favorite for Spanish readers in distant countries and in the Full-Circle Learning preschool.

 The Full-Circle Learning model delivered at the pilot site in Los Angeles, California featured an average of 14 service-learning projects each year, each one culminating from habit-of-heart units that linked social cohesion, applied learning, and community building. The overnight experience at a dude ranch taught students to groom and care for animals in the mid-1990s

 Science lessons one year included a study of healthy human cells, turned into paintings to offer oncologists at the hospital, to thank them for their service. The class sang to teary-eyed nurses and left hats for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Each student also sent a letter to the National Health Institute (NIH) to suggest a cancer research question for which the community needed answers. The unit was inspired by a student who lost his father to leukemia.

 The elementary school students later formed an Alumni Club and continued their local and global service projects throughout high school and beyond, sustaining the commitment through their university studies and professional careers.

A group of six students and Teresa outside in nature.

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