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Made for Mom: Students in Hangzhou made scarves for their mothers at one school, while those at another school grew fruit for elders living on their guild-concept campus and cooked dinner for elders with members of the "Dad's Club."

December 30, 2018

These children in Hangzhou China worked both independently and together to complete their projects.

Creativity, compassion and community service come together in many of the school projects, which value the concept of bonding as a classroom family, a nuclear family and a human family. Below, a girl presents a gift of a painting she has made, freely giving her creativity for a global wisdom exchange.

Teachers Celebrate Love and L...

December 30, 2018 Celebrate Love for the Human Family.

Teachers celebrated the love with a stirring song they wrote a decade ago, Love Brings Us Together. They discussed the role of teacher as altruist and the importance of teaching children how to love through cognitive, creative and process-based strategies.

The ideas sparked at a philosophy conference held this past month at the Greentown Yuhua kindergarten in Hangzhou, China. Demon...

December 8, 2018

How does climate change contribute to food insecurity? What innovations increase the nutritional content of the soil while sequestering carbon? How can we show gratitude for those who work to bring nutritious food from the farm to the families? How much time are we willing to give to the well being of the human family?

These questions inspired advocacy and action during an intense week at the 2018 Climate Change Agents Camp. Ea...

June 16, 2017


China’s Zhejiang Province: What Love and Unity Can Do - A Community Impact Preview
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Visit Commemorates Decade of Research: Zhejiang Normal University, in Hangzhou China, welcomed visiting professor Teresa Langness and reviewed Full-Circle Learning (FCL) curricula written by its faculty in May 2017. Its community impact study included university-affiliated schools and Greentown schools across the city, r...

November 15, 2016

Service to the human family knows no boundaries!

China’s Hangzhou Greentown Yu-hua Kindergarten, and their mentors at the university in Zhejiang Province, have shown a long-term commitment to Full-Circle Learning. The kindergarten’s 2016 report discusses its goal, to “help children establish relationships with the rest of the human family” and “participate in the sense of [that human family’s] survival.” The recent report expla...

June 2, 2016

Keeping Love Alive in Hangzhou 2015

The children of Zhejiang Province continue to make Love an important habit-of-heart in the development of public and private school children. At Zhejiang University’s Affiliated School, students this year completed an integrated unit with drama, oral speaking skills, homework, art and music reinforcing the theme. They created a mock radio station with interviews about love, held a community t...

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