Outline of Forgiveness Unit 

Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.

Element 1: It Starts with a Breath

Listen to a secret for preparing to forgive!

Video elements shared by René Sprattling and Drue Mathies and Renée Murray Smith also appear in text.

Element 2: The Power of Song

See and hear about music and its role in forgiveness, then learn how to create your own song!

Element 3: Forgiveness Around the World

Stories and images will help you learn words in English if you are new to the language. Read them for fun if you already read English!

Element 4: Words as Tools

 Play Word Games and Math Games. See and hear English phrases in other languages that mean “I’m sorry” or “I forgive you.” 

Element 5: Restorative Justice

Learn how to restore justice when someone is hurt. The stories, games and tools here will help.

Element 6: Forgiveness in the Air

Learn how students used their science skill to improvise ventilators that help everyone, despite differences.  Use this chart to practice unconditional caring. 

Element 7: Taking an Oath

This group activity will stretch your thinking about choices and help you prepare for oaths you may later take in your profession 

Element 8: A Need to Forgive

A short story reading and writing challenge for high school students will help you prepare for a Storyteller’s Circle.

Element 9: What Can You Do?

Learn how others have used their engineering skills to improve job skills will improving life on the planet. Present a dream design with built-in unity and forgiveness.