Diabetes Awareness Camp (co-hosted by Levitate)

Health Initiatives and Full-Circle Learning

A class outside cutting vegetables while talking nutrition.A woman stands at a booth for nutrition.Students stretching, enjoying health.

Like schools around the world, US students have conducted many projects centered on public health.

In 2011, teachers in a diabetes awareness program cosponsored by Levitate, Meridian and FCL infused community education into the summer school program. Among many projects, students learned healthy shopping and cooking tips from the doctor above, who founded the Farmers Markets at Kaiser Permanente hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area.

The children tracked the charts of a diabetic program cofounder, to observe the impact of sugar on heath. Parents in this San Leandro neighborhood, where diabetes rate stood at 19%, claimed their children had saved the lives of their family members.

 A dozen schools in Arizona and Southern California have also conducted diabetes awareness projects. At left, FCL alumni Kathy Rosales received a fellowship as a nursing student to help Tarzana students spread awareness and prepare for a health fare, where they checked parents for signs of pre-diabetes through blood pressure and body mass index.

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