Your donation helps shape the world's future by unleashing the humanitarian potential of today's children. 

Full-Circle Learning's educational projects build character, skills and purpose among young change agents around the world, who discover their own relevancy in transforming the social, environmental and economic challenges of their time. 

Friends of Full-Circle Learning

Empower teachers and students as global agents. Join the Friends of Full-Circle Learning.

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  • Funding helps provide learning materials and training for teachers.

  • It creates learning opportunities for vulnerable populations, through scholarships and programs.

  • It connects young people around the world through collaborations and wisdom exchanges.

  • Provides help in times of need through projects such as the Emergency Empathy Fund, activated to address hunger and health care in times of pandemic. 

Your donation, large or small, makes a difference.

Other Ways to Support:
FCL Music

Full-Circle Learning music reinforces the themes of an integrated curriculum. All proceeds benefit the work of the nonprofit organization. 

Check out the FCL Music section to view albums, hear sample songs and purchase albums and/or song downloads.

Request Training and Curriculum

Schools and organizations who need training and materials should submit requests directly to the non-profit organization by postal mail, with backup by email. Please include your:

  1. location; 

  2. type of school or organization (e.g. NGO, CBO, public school, non-profit private school, international school, home school, etc.); 

  3. age level and population served; 

  4. number of students and teachers; 

  5. months per year the program is operational (and potential training periods); 

  6. contact information for the director (and website, if applicable)

    Requests for training will be met as time and resources permit.

Contact Us

You can choose any of the donation methods above or you may send tax-deductible checks or correspondence to:
Full-Circle Learning Board

17512 Brewer Road

Grass Valley, CA 95949

Contact us via email.