Education Course - Why We Learn

Why We Learn - Course Sessions

Student-teachers explore new pedagogy and implementation practices. They build a coherent system of innovative instructional design and assessment techniques with positive underlying classroom management strategies to lay the foundation for altruistic identities, based on Full-Circle Learning research.

Six programs, guided by slides, offer the instructor ready-made presentations or offer the self-guided learner tools for assignments and peer-reviewed assessment. The course can be taken in small cohorts, with results reported to an advisor. It comes complete with suggested schedules and an adaptable grading rubric.


Why We Learn: Reading Supplement

In regions where printed books present cost impediments, small working groups or a whole class may read the chapter in a computer lab. The course is designed for online/onsite intentions, with primary session content occurring throughout the course and discussions of the optional reading content scheduled in interstitial sessions.


Full-Circle Learning Planning Templates

Instructors will find the reproducible resources in this booklet useful when introducing strategies, especially for student teachers as they prepare to enter the classroom. Among other things, the book includes summaries of The 13-S Steps, the Conflict Resolution Bridge, the Restorative Justice Pledge, assessment samples, classroom management concepts, and Twenty Marks of a Full-Circle Learning School.


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