EHG/FCL Scholarships

The EHG Fund and personal donors have contributed to scholarships for secondary school students in Liberia who demonstrate a commitment to service, academic commitment and the inability to pay the cost of tuition, books and uniforms needed to graduation from high school. Many of these learners have become exemplary leaders in their communities. 

Laura Sackie preparing newest agriculture project.

Laura’s school farm initiative not only contributes to food security for families but also fed elders starving due to lockdowns during the pandemic.

Bendu demonstrates use of trap to catch crabs

Bendu feeds her community by teaching them now to collect crabs. 

A class intently listens to Erena.

Erena has researched and raised awareness about substance abuse at several schools.

In countless ways, the girls have taken initiative even before graduating to bring the benefits of their education to their broader communities, turning the tide toward hope, health and humanitarian values as they inspire other girls, far and wide. 

Click here to see the goals and community contributions of the current  scholarship awardees. Watch for their stories in the Community Impact report From Resilience to Brilliance.

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