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Preschoolers as young as four at the Oak Hammock retirement community learn literature, music and other activities.

October 22, 2013

Teaching, as the highest calling in society, relies on both inspiration and preparation for its success. Those teachers who most ardently seek to bring greater meaning to students’ lives tend to learn from one another and also to ask for mentorship in effective teaching strategies. Full-Circle Learning responds to their call for professional development training that infuses greater purpose and altruism into learning. Teachers...

October 22, 2010

The most recent Gainesville, Florida project came as a precursor for ongoing programs in Hidden Oak and Prairie View schools. Sponsored by the Oak Hammock retirement community, the 8-week module brought seasoned educators into the classroom to model the strategies for students and teachers from schools throughout Gainesville. 

The initiator of the Gainesville projects, Nikki Taylor, and her cohort, Taraneh Darabi, PhD, sponsore...

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