Outline of Helpfulness Unit

Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.

Element 1: Name the Taste

Wendy Greene gives a taste of habits-of heart highlights learners can expect in this unit.

Element 2: Benedict the Bee from Belize

A bee story comes to you in a puppet show, starring Ophelia Douglas, filmed by her son, Young Douglas, Jr. If you cannot access the video, read the script and stage your own show! Take a peek at the charts.

Element 3: Family Word Games

Word and music games help family members comprehend the mean of "helpfulness."

Element 4: The Art of Healing

Artist Masud Olufani shares helpful ways to view craftmanship. Learners of all ages explore helpful purposes for art, music and writing.

Element 5: To Be or Not to Be

Interviews with parent will present a chance to draw, act or write your family story!

Element 6:

Bee Watchful 

Study how bees help the environment. Play a game to learn their secret codes. 

Element 7: Beelines & Bar Codes

Learn what bees and humans have in common, by studying QR codes and navigation systems.

Element 8: Helpful Models

Conduct your own insect experiments. Chart predictions and probabilities.  Apply the results in projects that help others. 

Element 9: Human Habitats Need Help

Predict future migration patterns. Exchange wisdom with those who share your goal of helpfulness.

Element 10: Hidden Gifts from History

Learn about two lasting gifts through stories from distant parts of the world, and accept your own “lasting gift of helpfulness” challenge.

Element 11: A Sweet Celebration

Classmates or family members unite to celebrate successes—fun and refreshments included.  

Element 12: Glossary

Review the meanings of underlined words here.