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2018 Holiday Letter

Dear Full-Circle Learning Family,

Each year, we reflect on our work together in the field of service. I hope you each feel the utmost joy in your service.

As we reflect on our own reasons for gratitude, the faces of our Full-Circle Learning family shine resplendently. Beside the supporters, the radiant faces of earnest teachers and children beam, along with the Full-Circle Learning leaders who have united teachers around a common vision, to channel their creative ideas and potential to truly transform lives. Through academic units that infuse character, teach peace and culminate in service, these teachers have lived into that vision.

We feel grateful for children they teach, who bring water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, preparation to the fearful, clothing to the homeless, health to the mothers and children, literacy across the generations, encouragement to younger girls, dreams to the aimless, and a moral compass to a world aching for direction. How heartwarming it is to know that the gift of service has no boundaries, for these examples have originated in many communities in just the past month of Full-Circle learning reports from around the world!

In essence, the Full-Circle Learning educators have offered their students the best holiday gift of all--a purpose for learning, and as one student said, “a purpose for life.”

The complexities of our reality alter with variations in the natural and geopolitical climate, and we must help emerging world citizens not only continually refine their personal self-mastery and sharpen their academic skills but also respond to the need to inquire, inspire and comfort brothers and sisters among their human family as, together, they face global challenges.

We cannot thank you enough for your encouragement in this process. We all realize that every child holds the potential to uplift humanity, so we offer three suggestions: 1) please pass along this message to a new friend or employer; 2) consider contributing in the name of a loved one; and/or 3) become a quarterly pledge donor in 2019.

Through capacity-building programs for schools, scholarships, and wisdom exchanges, more than 300,000 people felt the impact of our collaboration and service in 2018.

Another child is waiting to spread joy in the world, with your help. This child may influence a neighborhood or a nation. Thank you for caring.

Season’s Greetings from Full-Circle Learning

2017 Holiday Letter

School pictured: Zambian students at the Mildred Academy reduced the high rate of traffic deaths due to flooding. They taught their community the habit-of-heart Unity using math and singing skills to fill the potholes in all the roads around the school. 

December, 2017

Dear Friends of Full-Circle Learning,


Our 25th year has slipped away quickly. We look back with gratitude and ahead with fortitude, as we celebrate the joy of events happening on the ground today! 


This month, 116 teachers in Cameroon have moved from the waiting list, joining the ranks of this year’s 12,000+ teachers who have galvanized their students to become the humanitarians of their generation, pushing the total served by Full-Circle Learning to well above 100,000 students.


This occurs as educators in Chad complete a community impact study to evaluate their learners’ path in the process of self-mastery and community transformation. Theirs will complete a quarter-century community impact study conducted in 7 of 30 Full-Circle Learning countries.


In the past month alone, new requests from Asia to Eastern Europe to Latin America have added to our list of hopeful participants for 2018 training programs, even as we prepare to continue the scholarships among vulnerable populations.


We embrace each of you who appreciate the need for continual support as these requests for community transformation through education tug at our own heartstrings. We also champion the volunteers, the international trainers, the school directors, deans, teachers, parents and especially the learners in their humanitarian endeavors.


Even in regions with few resources, these young humanitarians benefit from the inspiration of visionary teachers, who integrate character and service into their academic programs. As a result, this year alone, they have worked hard to:

  1. honor the elderly for their wisdom;

  2. feed the hungry through agricultural projects;

  3. engineer solutions to environmental problems;  

  4. reduce conflict through character-based strategies;

  5. prevent loss of life in times of cholera, hurricanes, floods or earthquakes;  

  6. encourage scientists in their farsightedness;

  7. collaborate with global partners and appreciate the need for diverse perspectives

  8. apply the arts to inspire to teach others; and

  9. love their families at home as well as their human families.


Thank you for influencing a generation of learners who strive to create a loving, thriving oasis in a world that thirsts for hope.


We wish each of you a wonderful day and a peaceful holiday season.


The Board of Full-Circle Learning