Huntington Hotel FCL School

Honoring the Potential of All

Three students sing and play guitar in front of the classGrandparents watch a class presentation

Huntington Hotel requested a Full-Circle Learning school for homeless students. Those who participated later became members of the Alumni Club. Here, a board member joins them in singing carols to their adopted grandparents at a senior care facility, Longwood Manor. For many years prior, visits to this inner-city facility incorporated the theme of the learning unit. For example, they interviewed seniors about their origin during a unit on Sacrifice. The students later returned with a “newspaper” about each of the elders and the ways their generation had practiced the habit of sacrifice during the Great Depression. 

Visits to adopted grandparents became a standard feature of Full-Circle Learning programs, including the long-standing program in Fillmore, California, Rancho Sespe.

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