Enjoy relevant, purposeful learning. Follow the steps of the Full-Circle Learning model through a series of activities applicable for school or home use. ​ Lesson plans include links for broadcast or online classrooms as well as print options for classrooms or homes without technology.


Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.


Element 1 The Aroma of Empathy

Secondary Students contemplate the value of empathy through the eyes of someone who shares the gift of rice.


Element 2 Empathy on the Conflict Bridge

Students prepare to resolve conflicts that arise in sharing, serving and growing food.


Element 3 Storytell It: Seeing Others as One Family

Through videos and by reading and writing literature, students examine the value of seeing the world through the eyes of another.


Element 4 Protecting the Rice Plant and the Planet

Videos help students balance environmental concerns with the need for agricultural yields and make recommendations to regional growers.


Element 5 Empathy Heals

Students compare the role of empathy in addressing pain as well as hunger pangs. They learn health care skills for treating Covid-19 through hands on video and print lessons and they create a lesson to teach others.


Element 6 Making Music to Promote Empathy

A student composer shares her song. Students learn it to enhance their projects.


Element 7 Rice Poem Activities

Students present poetry on video. Students discuss the messages. They tally rice imports to enhance the themes of their own poems.


Element 8 Share Empathy at Home

Seeing through the eyes of family members, students anticipate and act on the specific needs of family members.


Element 9 Send Face Masks to Prevent Covid-19

Students make face masks for delivery to essential workers and to loved ones, to promote community prevention of infectious disease.


Element 9-B Knowledge as a Tool

Collect one of the best antidotes for curing disease: knowledge. This step will show you how.


Element 10 Journaling to Sustain Empathy

Students follow up with daily writing activities to practice the good habits they’ve developed.


Element 11 Glossary

Readers can preview and review terms not defined in the reading material.


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