Enjoy relevant, purposeful learning. Follow the steps of the Full-Circle Learning model through a series of activities applicable for school or home use. ​ Lesson plans include links for broadcast or online classrooms as well as print options for classrooms or homes without technology.


Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.


Element 1 Let the Habit of Honor Flower

Performing Artist Sands Hall introduces the meaning of Honor. If you have a flower, bring it as you watch the video or read along.


Element 2 Stories of Honor

Write your own story after reading these: Prize-winning author Charles McNair tells a Cherokee story about Honor. Dr. Adela Castro translates. Social worker Rosemarie Smith follows up with a story about middle school students in the UK. Liberian novelist Saah Millimono offers a story about honor for high school readers.


Element 3 Make My Heart Sing

Learn songs to enhance your projects: Celia Behar’s Mexican favorite, “Des Colores” in Spanish. Sands Hall’s “Drop in the Bucket.” Olivia Newcomb’s rendition of “Honor.”


Element 4 A Moment to Decide

Make your own conflict resolution bridge. Join with a partner to practice three role plays that require honor.


Element 5 Birds of a Color

From colors to quizzes to birdhouses, a range of options sing out to learners from age 4 to 14.


Element 6 Flowers of a Color

Primary school students experiment with color and learn more about the biology of flowers.


Element 7 A Rose by any other Name

Secondary students consider a code of honor while learning about free trade and fair trade—and then draw up plans for an imaginary rose growing operation!


Element 8 A Drop in the Bucket

Explore history’s heroes, teach others about your own heroes, and write down steps for decision-making. View a video about heroic Liberian students who helped prevent civil unrest. ​


Element 9 Arrange to Honor Someone

Reflect on the decisions of others that have improved your life. Honor them with a homegrown flower arrangement. Fariba Mahjour will show you how, on this video.


Element 10 Sending Wisdom—Stella’s Challenge

Receive a visit from a student “wisdom exchange partner” facing decisions about her life. Watch the video, read the letter and respond to her or to other distant learners.


Element 11 Leaving an Imprint

Experience a story about your honorable actions. Listen to a video by Rómulo Castro called La Rosa Maori. (visit his youtube channel.) Finally, make an artistic clay tile walkway to celebrate the imprint your group has left on the world.



Preview and review unfamiliar words, as needed.


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