Teacher students stand among rows of plants

The Seeds of the Future

Teachers need students as much as students need teachers

A New Garden of Unity

When students crave the gifts of learning, their desire can unify and enrich an entire community.

At the Nouveau Jardin Community School in Moyo, Chad, learning was on hold due to the teachers’ lack of chalk to write lessons on the blackboard. Determined to solve this problem, students of all ages joined together in an agricultural project to both fund their education and enhance life in their community.

The students used a Full-Circle Learning grant to plant a garden in their town. Corn, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens all flourished in the sun. The students planted in such abundance that their new garden produced plenty of food to sell in the market, generating the money to buy chalk for their beloved teachers.

The students proudly tended this long-term and sustainable garden grown to fund the school. With this need met, they wanted to do more. Embracing the habit-of-heart of unity, they worked to bring in a harvest that would feed economically vulnerable members of the community with no charge. 

A handful of seeds can transform the lives of young and old alike. Now the Nouveau Jardin School truly lives up to its name, a “new garden.”

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School children and their two teachers in Chad.An outdoor socially distanced gathering.
A class giving a presentation with song.A young girl is ready to speak.

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