Kenyan student sitting with a plate of food.

Autumn 2022: A Feast of Hope

This year, hunger flares with food shortages and rising prices. The Russia-Ukraine war has now destroyed crops across Europe’s breadbasket, cutting off grain exports and leaving many Africans without enough to eat.

At Chebilat Primary School in Kenya, a discussion of the challenges and the importance of peace prompted one student to suggest putting compassion on the plate—in the form of a project to grow and distribute student lunches to more remote schools in the region.

The Chebilat team of students worked together to grow vegetables in raised beds made with repurposed burlap sacks. They soon provided healthy, balanced meals for the young children at Nyamanga Nursery School, who thankfully received the gift of compassion (pictured below).

The project will continue in 2023, with the Chebilat students scheduled to feed six new schools in two other counties in January alone.  Full-Circle Learning-funded Kenya programs continue to grow based on popular demand, opening the door to more wisdom exchanges among the world’s children.

Students giving a thumbs up and showing a sign reading Thank you for the Lunch Program.
Students pulling vegetables from a garden.
Students conducting experiments in the fields.A group of school children singing.Sherna Deamer working with a Teacher at Deamer Academy

Other projects in Kenya included food aid during the 2020 pandemic for schools on lockdown. A few years earlier, in 2008, Sherna Deamer also trained the staff of the Deamer Academy in​ ​El Dorat, a school designed “to bring up children who will benefit society in the future as part of a community building process.”

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