Two children reading in sunlightA group of school children outside of class.Children in a half circle singing.A group of children in class wearing read sweaters raise their hands towards the camera.

Full-Circle Learning supported the government’s plan to introduce ethics, resiliency, sustainability, and spiritual development as learning outcomes, infused into all subjects in the new syllabus. In early 2020, Full-CircleLearning helped advance implementation of the progressive plan.

The curriculum development department assigned eight pilot schools in the capitol city, Maseru, and invited its own staff, along with members of the Education Ministry and faculty from Lesotho Teacher’s College, to attend. Pictured here, one of three groups, integrating various institutions, earned certificates for the planning skills earned in the course.

Over the years, the Basuto children at the grassroots had engaged in FCL projects. Students atSt. Peter’s eagerly received a friendship-spreading challenge from their wisdom exchange partner, a class at the Full-Circle Learning Academy in Los Angeles.

Early service projects included student-made cards for hospital wishes (right). Teachers also dismantled stigmas against HIV and albino students. Principals raved about the success of the conflict resolution practices.​ ​On the next page, a happy learner was one of the early recipients of FCL service in Mokhotlong.

A group of Teachers holding certificates at a Teacher's college.A teacher teaching a class with students actively participating; raising their hands.A children's class holding up drawings.A child smiling up at the camera with lunch in lap.

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