The youngest participant in an initiative.The oldest participant in an initiative.

In one project, students from HarvardInternational School offered valuable quotes about the purpose of learning when interviewed about their response to distance learning provided by FCL during the pandemic. (See the distance learning video on this site.)

The school has offered integrated learning strategies to help students engage in various transformational projects such as:

  • Malaria prevention​ (advocating with the government to acquire mosquito nets for the vulnerable and managing conflicts incurred in the distribution process)
  • Covid-19 prevention ​(gathering and distributing PPE and thermometers for many schools in the region)
  • Flood control ​(encouraging the adaptation of a new flood plain and assisting in preparedness measures)
  • Uniting the region’s warring tribes ​(through a dance festival to celebrate the talents of all)
  • Access to clean water (as the Nikki Foundation helped learners advocate for borehole drilling)

In 2020, Funmilayo Aberejesu also brought her Full-Circle Learning experience gained at Gambian schools back to her homeland in the Osogho Osun state of Nigeria, where she worked with students from the Salvation Army school.

Below, teachers gathered for one of multiple regional trainings in the Delta region.

A group of students in yellow and blue.Teachers participating in capacity training.A banner for Teacher's Capacity Training

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