Teachers and students in blue school uniforms hold kindling.Students with red tops and blue bottoms work on a project.

The boys designed a plan to teach the adults to make dung patties for cooking, to replace kindling as the primary fuel source. They felt happy when the community learned
this process and the girls returned to school. Meanwhile, theClimate Change Agents camp in Nevada County compared dung patties with solar energy. They made a sample of a portable cardboard solar oven and sent it to Tanzania with orphanage co-owner Frank Mollel, who trained the students to use recycled materials to make more ovens.

In two months, the American students received news that the solar ovens, heretofore unheard of in the community, had caught on. Everyone was using them, with training provided by the girls and boys at the school, who now learned together.

Below, teachers gather at a training session at the Arusha School.

A group of Teachers sitting at a table with Full-circle Learning materials.

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