Students in class smile in the foreground with a banner in the background that reads Welcome to the class of oneness.Mildred Academy's fourth graders gathered smiling at the camera.Dr. Farzin Rahmani visiting the staff of Blessed Vale school.A group of Teachers in a nest formation.
  • Early in Zambia’s history, primary students in a rural community applied their skills to persuade a rural mayor to electrify his community for the benefit of the health clinic and the schools. He changed his policies based on their presentations. Just in case he could not follow through, the students began a study of alternative energies.
  • The Gifteria School made compassionate service a year-round weekly tradition.Compassion Day at Gifteria School evolved after a learning unit on the habit-of-heart Compassion, after which the children implored school leaders to set aside a portion of every Wednesday afternoon ensuring that nearby elders had food and water and teaching the preschool children.
  • Mildred Academy’s fourth graders set out to reduce traffic deaths. They integrated the habit of Unity into a math and music project. They taught addition and subtraction with rocks, then sang to neighbors while demonstrating how to put the rocks into the potholes that had increased due to frequent flooding. Their efforts reduced the incidence of traffic injuries and deaths, while bringing joy to the community.
  • Two years later, ten schools engaged in a project to teach autism awareness and appreciation of differences. Their songs and role-plays made a deep impact on their villages.

In the pictures: Dr. Farzin Rahmani visited the staff of Blessed ValeSchool. He also introduced the project to Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s first president. 70 teachers formed a virtual “nest” to represent their role in the students’ lives. FCL facilitator Eric Muleya helped students reduce stigma and honor the skills and needs of diverse learners. Teachers from six schools participated in a Full-Circle Learning workshop in 2020. Students used math to learn social distancing. Two teachers learned the process of conflict resolution. Blessed Vale Students conducted an Advocacy project to encourage education in 2012. Their efforts to inspire street children to attend school doubled the population of their school.

Eric Muleya is joined by two students outside a school.Teachers gathered together having participated in a workshop.Students are standing in line with stretches of tape marking social distancing.Two boys in class holding a sign that reads Habit of Heroes, Vision Seeking Advocacy Dedication SelflessnessA group of boys outside of a classroom gather for the camera.

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