Love Unit Introduction

Enjoy relevant, purposeful learning. Follow the steps of the Full-Circle Learning model through a series of activities applicable for school or home use.

Lesson plans include links for broadcast or online classrooms as well as print options for classrooms or homes without technology.

Outline of Love Unit

Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.

Element 1: Sensing Love

Maureen Mungai introduces the nature of love in a video. Games and drawings help learners experiences it through all the senses.

Element 2: "Why Turtles Don't Sing"

Pulitzer prize-winning author Charles McNair tells a Cherokee folktale.Dr. Adela Castro translates it into Spanish. Students and families tell their own stories.

Element 3:

Showing Love through Music

 Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.Songs strengthen literacy while helping learners share love with families.

Element 4: Animal Home Life

Learners aged two to seven learn about animals in their own environments.

Element 5: The Plant that Carries its Home on its Back

Learners aged 8 – 18 learn about agriculture, history and invention by studying nuts. They follow the life of George Washington Carver and create their own inventions.

Element 6: Rewriting History

Learn about the Cherokee culture that inspired the storytellers. Compare indigenous cultures on three continents. Rewrite history and change future outcomes by stepping onto the conflict resolution bridge.

Element 7: Nutty Recipes from Four Parts of the World

Follow up the study of nuts with a family cooking adventure. Learn how different cultures use variations of the same ingredients. Practice math while cooking.

Element 11: Glossary

Preview and review words as needed.

Element 8:

The Shape of Love

Practice skills in geometry and build a village to help create new homes for humans in need.  

Unit Translations

This document provides Spanish translation for all elements in this unit.

Element 9: Send Love to Grandpa

Read about a family’s loving experience and practice writing skills to create one of your own. 

Element 10: Love for All

See how far you’ve come—and how far you can go—with a creative art and music activity about love.