Piru Full-Circle Learning Preschool

Leadership Sprouts when Watered

Jessica as a preschooler.Jessica and her friend at the beach.

 Jessica was one of the first graduates of the Full-Circle Learning preschool, a project in Piru, California supported by tobacco tax funds. 

 By the time her class ended middle school, the children had attracted the attention of community leaders for their record of community service and academic excellence. The school district was inspired to open up its first official preschool and hire away its director Sugey Lopez.

 Meanwhile, Jessica and her friend, explained that  Full-Circle Learning programs had helped them understand the purpose of life and the many opportunities for service.

 Pictured here, they engaged in the annual beach clean up, during which learners tallied types of trash to take a next step toward reducing pollution. 

A group of kids drawing on the same sheet of paper.A group of kids around a project.A student helps fill a bag for a project.A group of kids crowd together to smile at the carmera.A row of students stands on a long grass's edge.

 The Science of Habits-of-Heart

 Preschool at Rancho Sespe included hands-on methods of learning about the water cycle during a drought year. Children not only taught older siblings the concepts but incorporated their study of the habit of Patience. They learned fractions by measuring ingredients to make pies, inviting farmers to a Thank You Banquet for practicing patience during the drought. (Photo below by Aimee Porter) 

An earlier class created a Kindness Kingdom.

 Preschool pictures on these pages were taken at Rancho Sespe Village, Piru Community Center and at Piru’s most recent FCL location, San Salvador Mission.

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