Rancho Sespe Summer School Touches Lives

Students between the towns of Fillmore and Piru gathered for their traditional summer school. The project serves students from preschool through high school. Site director Sugey Lopez led the team of teachers in developing habits-of-heart into a curriculum of applied learning opportunities in the community, this year focusing on the Habits of Humanitarians module. A study of hunger and a student of the universal connection to people from all walks of life drove this year’s projects. Guests at a facility for developmentally challenged adults, as well as coordinators of a local food distribution facility, expressed heartfelt emotion at the level of understanding and sophistication behind the students’ service-learning projects. In a banner year, one of the program’s long-term students, Gorgonio Tobias, has now become a teacher in the summer program. Gonis will also teach evening enrichment classes during the school.

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