Advocating for the Tiniest Among Us

Students advocated for the most vulnerable members of society - premature newborns - as part of their learning unit plan at the Full-Circle Learning Tarzana Habits-of-Heart Club in March. The project culminated with a field trip to the hospital to hold a special ceremony in honor of the parents and caregivers who work tirelessly to help the infants thrive. Teacher Miguel Pena helped the students prepare speeches, certificates and gifts. Full-Circle Learning Operations Director Hyla Douglas rehearsed their music with them. The overwhelming response from the honorees was captured by the hospital's representative, Michelle Schaubert, R.N. , who wrote in an unsolicited letter: "Words cannot adequately express how very moved we all were by the presentation at Providence Tarzana Medical Center for our NICU caregivers and parents. The children in your program (Full Circle Learning) are an inspiration to us...the children displayed so much courage, sang to us from their hearts and spoke so eloquently about their feelings. Everyone played a role in the presentation; whether it was speaking and sharing feelings, or singing or drawing beautiful certificates about caring and heroes. Personally, I feel great joy and much hope having experienced first-hand the character, compassion, courage and leadership that the children shared with all of us. I am looking forward to these same children, our future generation, to lead our country while embracing those very same qualities."

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