Teachers Around the Globe Seek Meaning

Teaching, as the highest calling in society, relies on both inspiration and preparation for its success. Those teachers who most ardently seek to bring greater meaning to students’ lives tend to learn from one another and also to ask for mentorship in effective teaching strategies. Full-Circle Learning responds to their call for professional development training that infuses greater purpose and altruism into learning. Teachers then strive to customize their curriculum as they research educational theory, integrated design and assessment and support strategies. They discover how their role can help them channel the natural gifts and altruistic intentions of their students into the habit of service. They appreciate the extent to which this work depends on the vision, skills and planning they bring to the classroom. Positive results, in the form of student and community transformation, drive the new requests for more workshops and wisdom exchanges.

Hundreds of Full-Circle Learning educators developed new skills in 2012 - 2013, bringing the total number of teachers and students served, over time, to more than 44,220. The teachers polled claimed a more inspired vision of education and new tools for transformation.

These photos feature collaborating teachers in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (above) and Jacksonville, Florida-USA (below). The stories that follow tell of teachers and students busily changing lives and communities.

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