Zambian Schools Influence the Infrastructure of Communities

Schools in Zambia reported exciting stories of growth workshops and gatherings in 2013. At Blessed Hope School, the 4th grade Humanitarians studying the nature of electricity and the habits of Far-sightedness and Seeking, convinced their new mayor to bring electricity to their community. Other classes practicing Love improved the level of cleanliness, comfort and care at the local hospital. Some schools had emphasized visual arts in their projects. Economics teachers were eager to implement the Junior Entrepreneur Scheme into their planning.

The photo below shows how Blessed Vale students learned interview skills while helping their Chibolya neighbors value and care for a cleaner community. Above, students at a school in Mapepe gathered with their teacher, Madam Kaumi, to study the academic tools needed for service.

Davidson Efetobore, the African Program Director, was “overwhelmed by the wonderful work of the teachers.” 8600 students benefited from their efforts in this grant cycle. The EHG Fund helps support the programs in Africa, but the need to bring equity, character and purpose to education also relies on individual donations. (Above photo by Davidson Efetobore, photo below by Antoinette Wright ).