Parents and Leaders Implore FCL to Expand Access to Preschool

The Peacemakers serve as the youngest students in the farmworker community at Rancho Sespe Summer School. Each year, they engage with older classes to learn how their habits-of-heart relate to academic learning and result in related acts of service in their region.

When their local Head Start program vacated, the Rancho Sespe managers pleaded with Full-Circle Learning to fill the void and provide a year-round early childhood education preschool for the deserving children in this community, modeled on nearby Piru Full-Circle Learning Preschool. The Rancho Sespe managers claimed that only the Full-Circle Learning model could ensure the bright, peaceful, caring youth and future citizens they see emerging from the summer school program. They turned away private programs that could pay high rent and asked FCL to apply for the licensing and funding for a year-round preschool to serve Rancho Sespe families.

Your donation will help these lovely children enjoy the benefits of Full-Circle Learning all year long. It will help replicate the successes of nearby Piru, where still, the waiting list is as large as the number of children served. While parents help as much as they can, more support will help make purposeful early childhood education accessible to all.

This project needs your urgent support!