Students engage in integrated learning projects at the School of the Nations.

We help others because we are all part of the same world and we must care about everybody.” - Tomas Bath.

“I think ‘Reading Partners’ is important because while we are helping the young children, we are also helping ourselves to be patient...” – Mariana Barros

Community service is helping people without wanting anything in return…We do it in order to help young children and understand the Habit-of the Heart!” – Nathalia Medeiros

These and many more student testimonials came from bilingual students in Brasilia, Brazil who attend the School of the Nations.

This prestigious school has witnessed such success with the Full-Circle Learning model for preschool through grade nine that Director Lisa Perskie requested upper division Full-Circle Learning curricula for the high school. A special high school Humanities course was thus adapted for the school in 2009 and sent, along with Climate Change Agents, to amplify the potential of emerging leaders to contribute to the transformation of the world community through applied learning.

The school’s annual report listed the habits-of-heart mastered at each grade level and stated “Each project reinforces the current Habit of Heart and culminates in a local or international service project.” Ms. Perskie tells of middle school graduates whose performance improved and who reported new inspiration and purpose in their learning.