Gambian Girls’ Project Leader Comes to California

The audience sat spellbound for two hours as Yassin Sarr-Fox, one of Full-Circle Learning’s Gambian collaborators, made a presentation about her organization in Northern California on December 17, 2013. Starfish Founder Yassin spoke to guests about the challenges faced by girls growing up in West Africa. She shared her own plight and her decision, as a child, to one day give girls the tools for intellectual and economic independence and decision making, in order to benefit their families and society. She would dedicate her life to helping girls gain a sense their own nobility and act on that knowledge each day. That is exactly what she is doing. Yassin’s presentation at the Purple Moon, in Nevada City, California, featured the work of her high-school aged students as they’ve built and continuously operate a community library, tend a garden, conduct entrepreneurial projects to raise funds for their school fees, and engage in educational enrichment classes. Her audience was so inspired that each one either sponsored a girl or planned to go to The Gambia as a volunteer to teach the girls professional skills in art, geographic information systems or other specialties. Yassin and her husband, David Fox, had started an afterschool program based on the Full-Circle Learning model for 60 children while in the US completing their masters degrees. This experience helped prepare them to launch their life-changing nonprofit organization, Starfish International, five years ago in The Gambia. Yassin is now completing a doctoral degree and came to the US to collaborate and conduct research for her dissertation. We expect the best of these articulate and caring young women she mentors, for they have a wonderful role model to follow. Please click here for the Union article and photos of Starfish International.

Image: Yassin Sarr-Fox.