Tarzana Students tell Adults What to Model

Annual Mastery Ceremonies at each Full-Circle Learning program offer the chance for students to honor their parents for positive habits and qualities. Sometimes, planners take the concept farther, to help students identify practices, professions and sincere actions that exemplify the personal qualities the students seek to master. The Habit-of-Heart Club at Tarzana Elementary School was one of the earliest Full-Circle Learning projects in Southern California, operating at a school where many languages are spoken and where families come together seeking common goals for their children. Over the 2013 school year, students focused their learning units on acknowledging adults in the community who practice the habits-of-heart. When they studied advocacy, they held a ceremony for caregivers and parents of preemies at the local hospital in Tarzana, prompting written letters and accolades from the neonatal nursing staff. When they visited adopted grandparents at the senior center during a unit on Dedication, they presented certificates to the elders for dedication to family and community at a special program. When they considered ways to practice the habit of Farsightedness, their service learning field trip took them to a new wetlands park, to honor the civic leaders who saw fit to create policies that consider the future wellbeing of living things. More good works are in the planning stages for 2014, but to experience their environmental park service-learning field trip, click here. Please click here to see pictures and to the read the story in the Malibu Times article.