Video: Community Impact in Liberia - Students Speak and Act for Change

Full-Circle Learning helps teachers customize their integrated education curriculum and classroom management strategies, to address their own self- identified community needs. Over the past three years, teachers at 26 schools in Liberia have participated in ongoing FCL collaboration and mentorship. Their students have increasingly integrated character, service, the arts and academics to become change agents in the communities. Their Girls United projects, (which help them meet the UN Goal for Liberia of eradicating childhood marriage), have also grown.

The video on the link above showcases student field trips and community impact interviews. In one school, the children identified local problems that require peace to solve, not just academics alone. They give speeches to crowds gathering on a street corner. In another school, students pick up litter, going to households to demonstrate the importance of a clean neighborhood. The neighbors, in some cases, offered to pay them, but they explained that their study of the environment and their current habit-of-heart impelled them to demonstrate how our personal actions, without expectation of reward, are what will change our surroundings.