Universal Connectedness means Sharing DNA, Sharing Knowledge and Sharing a Cause

When students become the awardees, they learn to know what combination of pursuits to value in society. Tarzana’s Habits-of-Heart Club students had been practicing the habit of Universal Connectedness and studying this quality as a motivator for seeking to improve global health. With this in mind, they attended a field trip to shadow the scientists and creative experts who ship medical supplies around the world at Phenomenex, a Torrance California biomedical firm.

They spent time learning, firsthand, how passions, proclivities and dedication to the wellbeing of humanity come together for those who enter the sciences and the marketing field to address solutions to world health. They honored the staff with certificates and gifts of music and art they had created to emphasize the importance of the work their role models do in the world.

Kari Carlson Kelly, a staff member at the biomedical firm, Phenomenex, wrote Full-Circle Learning afterward, saying:

“We absolutely fell in love with the FCL kids…They were such a joy, and the closing ceremony left all of our hearts melted all over the ground.

We were also very inspired by your wonderful group of parents and teachers. WOW! What a team!...I can’t wait to see if these kids go into science or the arts or pursue other passions – whatever they may be. What a beautiful time in life when you are changed and molded by experiences. I truly hope that the day they spent here will have a lasting impact.”

We can assure Kari that such days do have a lasting impact – not only on these children but on children everywhere whose lives are touched by teachers who make a lifelong habit of infusing passion, principle and relevant purpose into learning and doing.

Pictured are various students honoring the team.