Video: Words of Thanks from Liberia

Hear what Liberian students and educators have to say about Full-Circle Learning as they work to provide comfort, Ebola prevention supplies and education throughout their communities.

Full-Circle (FCL) has been working since August 2014 to stem the tide of new outbreaks of Ebola and to reduce food insecurity in the Liberian community. By disseminating disinfectant, gloves, buckets, oil, rice, and Ebola education, teachers have contributed to the downward trend in new cases. They have also taken mobile classrooms into communities where schools had been closed, integrating the habit of Steadfastness and coping skills into the academic content, within this affectionate culture hard-hit economically and emotionally by the limitations Ebola had imposed in the community. Raising funds through small checks, FCL finally stepped up the activity with a concert featuring world-class musicians such as Terry Riley and Beaucoup Chapeaux. The Liberian teachers sent a video to thank the friends of Full-Circle Learning for caring about members of the human family struggling with the effects of the Ebola outbreak.

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