2015 Brings Habits of Oneness to Rancho Sespe

Rancho Sespe’s Ambassadors, Rebuilders and Peacemakers made an impact on their community this year as their Habits of Oneness theme came to life. Practicing the habit of teamwork, they designed wastewater irrigation gardens, role-played the teamwork needed for disaster relief, and honored California firefighters engaged in teamwork to address the current crises.

Next they studied the habit of leadership, identifying its aspects in historical figures and the effects it has in bringing a community together in practical ways. They learned about transportation and related careers, with the little ones (Peacemakers) creating a map from their own village to the beach. A visit to the depot and historical museum helped them honor docents who commemorate leadership skills that shape history.

Their last habit-of-heart, awareness, included community awareness projects and new awareness of the ways in which humans rely on the ocean and its coral reefs. The unit culminated in a beach clean-up to reduce oceanic pollution. The season ended with mastery ceremony, allowing students to not only strive to master their own habits-of-heart but to surprise their parents by celebrating their parents’ mastery of a particular habit-of-heart.