A Parent and a Teacher Launch a Country-to-Country Exchange

Lorena Rojas trained in the Full-Circle Learning model while staying in the United States in 2014. She also conducted wisdom exchange activities as a volunteer at the Tarzana Habits-of-Heart Club in Tarzana. She then returned to bring new teaching strategies to her country, through the preschool she directs in coastal Ecuador.

Soon afterward, a major earthquake leveled 80% of Lorena’s city in 2016. The Tarzana students in the US were ready to serve. The school became a repository for hard-to-find items such as diapers and dogfood under the direction of parent liaison Consuelo Banderos and principal Dr. Vicki Lee. The items were collected by students and shipped through the consulate, while teachers back home collected and sorted supplies locally. Meanwhile, collaborations were already underway with the Ministry of Education to bring the Full-Circle Learning model to Ecuadorean teachers, although the earthquake disrupted the plan, which will continue in 2017.

Below, boxes await shipment after the earthquake. On another occasion, Lorena teaches students cooperative activities with string.

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