Climate Change Agents Camp 2016- envisioning lives of service in the future

Creating, speaking, serving, conducting field work, dancing, letter-writing, engineering, designing, sculpting, composing, working, showing empathy for one another and for victims of disaster, envisioning lives of service in the future…all these acts came together for scholarship recipients at their Climate Change Agents camp and again October 29- November 6, at the Nevada County, California fairgrounds.

The youth: 1) added new features for an altar to past environmental change agents at the dia de los muertos Altar Show 2) finished a video about "voting your climate conscience" : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3M_TpPSlyQ 3) completed follow-up to the ethics actions they took during their scholarship-based summer camp, sponsored by the Nevada County Climate Change Coalition and multiple funders.

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