Rancho Sespe Summer School Thrives

Image: Rancho Sespe students gather around a globe they painted to give to a field trip host.

These students' visit to a fire hall evinced tears when their artifacts and songs honored the chief for the habit of sacrifice. Their creations of art from recycled material were given to a local museum to show consideration for both the esthetic and conservation needs of humans. Their visit to City Hall helped them express and explore the role of integrity in community building. A wisdom exchange with Zambia allowed them to give and receive messages about the role of these habits in students' personal lives. For homework, some students called 911 for people suffering on the streets from diabetic shock or helped elderly strangers cross the street. They did not take their mission lightly. One highlight occurred when Gorgonio Tobias, a former student and current teachers' aide, became a guest presenter on the nature of Sacrifice. He had saved a life a few years ago during the summer program when he was a young student practicing the habit of Sacrifice in the summer school. Parents became part of the shifting dynamic as they also noted differences in their children. All could feel the unity of a group of young people who had formed a bond as family and considered this family as large as the world. One boy actually signed his papers with his first name, his surname and "A member of the human family." The program was funded for a decade through Full-Circle Learning's special fundraisers. Full-Circle Learning now receives an annual grant from the Mona Foundation to fund this summer school program.

Image: ancho Sespe students gathered to read a wisdom exchange from a global partner after a presentation at City Hall.

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