Planters of Peace Summer School 2014 Newspaper

On behalf of Full Circle Learning and Rancho Sespe summer school students and staff, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation and loyal support that you give us to make this dream all come true. This summer school, administered by Full-Circle Learning, also received funding support from the Mona Foundation and the Meridian Health Foundation. A special thank you goes to this year’s volunteers, Nikki Mobini, Aryana Maronde, Anya Arami, and Katia Arami. With your help, we were able to serve approximately fifty students for four weeks. The summer school session began July 8th, 2014 and ended on August 1st, 2014. The students practiced four essential habits: Honesty, Open-Mindedness, Forgiveness, and Humility. We had guest speakers, performed culminating community service projects, learned songs and incorporated much more learning into the lessons each week. To better apply our lessons, the students were separated into three groups. The Peacemakers (preschool age), Rebuilders (elementary age), and the Ambassadors (middle-school and high-school age). Once again, thank you, and we hope you all enjoy this newspaper!

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