Gambia: Harmony through Science, Soil and Song

“We love it,” wrote a secondary teacher in The Gambia after experimenting with the concepts learned in his first Full-Circle Learning curriculum.

Teachers from preschool through college applied strategies from Full-Circle Learning and the Junior Entrepreneur’s Scheme starting in 2014, after a 2013 training hosted at the National Baha’i Center. Some teachers translated the concepts on their own and some through formal, school-sponsored efforts. Latikundra School administrators encouraged FCL implementation at a large school serving 800 students in a village. The Prison Fellowship gave scholarships for children and incorporated the curriculum. Young girls at Starfish International studied ways to apply the strategies in their teaching programs for children. Leaders of the Solid Foundation School incorporated Full-Circle Leaning into early childhood education.

The children at Solid Foundation School now focus on the Habits of Helpers curricula and have completed units on Honesty and Respect, with help from liaison Funmilayo Aberejesu. As one of their first service projects, the children presented a drama to show respect for teachers, parents and children. The two children who received Full-Circle Learning scholarships in the previous year, Yahaddy Touray and Elijah Kingsford, quickly rose to the top of their class.

Early Learning students continually practice the model at the Solid Foundation School. Starfish incorporates the music and strategies. Some of the most shining examples of fully integrated learning units have been employed at at MyFarm, a non-profit organization where youth learn practical skills along with academics and habits-of-heart through the skills of Alagie Ndow. The project offered many examples of Full-Circle Learning-style interconnectivity. For example, in 2015, Alagie Ndow wrote: “During the unit on the Habit of Teamwork, the students worked in teams to learn, serve, perform art projects, and call the world to protect the earth…and to work together for a more sustainable and better world.”

Students helped create the library and learning center at a collaborative program, Starfish International. In 2015, advisor Dr. Farzin Rahmani helped add a two-story building, to foster extended learning opportunities.

Pictured here

Photo: Gambia- keyhole farming

After experiments to learn what nutrients plants need, the Myfarm students packed organic material into the center or “keyhole” of their circular keyhole gardens.

Gambia – Solid Foundation School

The Solid Foundation School adopted Full-Circle Learning, incorporating its projects for early learners and graduating two FCL scholarship kindergarteners at the top of their class in early 2016.

Students helped create the library and learning center at Starfish International. In 2015, Dr. Farzin Rahmani helped add a two-story building, to foster extended learning opportunities.

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