Change Agents in Chad

Each country customizes its Full-Circle Learning programs, to help students develop altruistic identities linked to social issues and community needs. In Chad, students have healed long-time family feuds and set a tone for integrity in their community. They have helped to uphold the best of their traditions. A new French translation of one of the Full-Circle Learning high school humanities books to align the study of required literary texts with current character and service themes.

In Chad, 1,049 students were served in 2014, and 69 teachers trained. Teachers introduced 22 habits-of-heart units in N’Djamena, Koundou and Gassi and students mastered 11 of these. (Photos above feature students from Vertue de Gassi and Etoiles Jardin schools.) EHG Funds helped defray African costs, including the French translations.

By the end of 2016, 174 teachers had participated in ongoing Full-Circle Learning programs and awaited refresher programs in 2017.

Inspiring stories have come out of this country. One teacher, Aissatu, began as a special education student after experiencing strokes in her girlhood. Harassed by other students for the impact of the stroke on her speech and movement, she was ready to take her own life. After her teacher was trained in Full-Circle Learning, everything changed. Her teacher and classmates became so supportive and loving, she began to love school. She trained to become a special education teacher herself and also took 25 students into her own home. She is a model of what can happen when academics, character and service are infused into the same learning model.

Other children have helped shape their parents’ attitudes toward corruption in government or have championed the needs of other classmates, earning self-mastery goals in unique and profound ways. The nomadic schools as well as the urban schools have transcended challenging living conditions to show how strength of character can help a generation of change agents bring out the best in society.

Image: Aissatu presented a lesson plan on Respect.

Image: Students taught a neighboring agricultural community how to prevent hunger during the dry season.

Image: Students of Etoilles Jardin gathered for a mastery ceremony.

Image: Students who earned Self-Mastery awards gathered at Rohani School.

Image: The Heroes Class members flocked near their teachers at Vertu de L’ere Nouvelle.

Image: A staff member from the Toukre school celebrated the children’s achievements in June 2016.

Image: Nomadic students recited poetry at their ceremony.