Plumas County Launches Projects

How can 13 strategies integrate appreciation of diversity into social studies, science and drama at the secondary school level? How can students from multiple schools advocate that a local community space be converted into a garden, where they teach about local species and the impact of climate change? How can an indigenous community keep the generations united in service to others? What role can a university play in wisdom exchanges? These are some of the questions that arose in Quincy, California, at a multi-schools workshop hosted by Plumas County Audubon and Plumas County Services. Some representatives gathered here from six of the seven participating schools or CBOs.

On an anonymous survey, 100% of participants responded “very true” when asked whether they felt inspired by the concepts they learned about how to give students a greater sense of vision and purpose. “I myself was inspired to make decisions that support my own sense of purpose,” added one conservation educator. Others wrote about the ideas and strategies they would take away to help young people resolve conflicts and develop habits-of heart “because these are characteristics we really need to help develop in our world.”

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