Hangzhou Community Impact Preview

China’s Zhejiang Province: What Love and Unity Can Do - A Community Impact Preview Click to view the report

Visit Commemorates Decade of Research: Zhejiang Normal University, in Hangzhou China, welcomed visiting professor Teresa Langness and reviewed Full-Circle Learning (FCL) curricula written by its faculty in May 2017. Its community impact study included university-affiliated schools and Greentown schools across the city, revealing exemplary and diverse applications of the FCL model. Moral education and community relationships enrich early learning in each school. Dr. Qin and Dr. Gan, in green, (both left of center,) directed the implementation program.The Chinese banner commemorates the blending of East and West for the benefit of education. The FCL banner honors the schools for shaping civilization by teaching love.

Made for Mom: Students in Hangzhou made scarves for their mothers at one school, while those at another school grew fruit for elders living on their guild-concept campus and cooked dinner for elders with members of the "Dad's Club." Watch for the community impact report.