Tarzana FCL Habits-of-Heart Club Members Taught their Neighborhood to Conserve Water

People at the park learned how to curb home water use from K-5 after-school students in Michelle Tal’s class who had connected character and academics with resolving the problems of their community.

The habit-of-heart Appreciation of Diversity offered learners the chance to appreciate elders, to resolve differences on the conflict bridge, and to appreciate the symbiotic relationships within ecosystems this past semester. They expressed their environmental stewardship after science experiments and discussions about the current relevance of local and global water conservation.

They made books with diverse colors based on the various objects in nature. The learners’ appreciation of diversity came full circle when they used their math skills to make bar charts showing the amount of water they were able to save at home over the course of the project, through their increased awareness, as they timed showers and tooth brushing. They took their exhibit to the park to teach others how to conserve during the drought.

The program enjoyed wholehearted family attendance at the mastery ceremony and broad support of the PTA. The 19-indicator survey among parents, in fact, reflected an amazing 100%, not only in participation, but in the number of parents indicating that their children exceeded their expectations for enhanced development in all 19 areas of social, cognitive, creative, and moral growth.