Liberia FCL Students Become Health-Care Advocates

Post-Ebola Liberia needs a new generation of health care workers, as half of its doctors and nurses died during the 2014 epidemic.

Full-Circle Learning (FCL) students from several schools aspired to become health care advocates in early 2018, as they learned to provide disease prevention and first aid to communities, while considering health care careers in the future.

The project began as an initiative of "Dr. Tsan," (pediatrician Tsan Lee) who devoted time, resources and curriculum as a traveling volunteer. FCL consultant and community development specialist Maureen Mungai assisted. She had also visited to consult on EHG-funded Madame Dorbor scholarships for secondary students, to help learners, especially girls, stay in school and graduate with the goal of serving their communities.

Photos Below: As they learned about respect for life, Faith Academy students practiced taking a pulse, teaching hand-washing to prevent cholera, and treating diarrhea with Seattle-based pediatrician, Dr. Tsan Lee.

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