Learners as Leaders

Communities around the world have learned to value not only “education for all” but “education for altruism.” They see how destinies change when the purpose of education shifts from personal to global concerns.

For example, the Humanitarian Class at the Joseph Town High School considered ways to improve the quality of life by reducing the high rate of illiteracy in their region. They will enhance their own literacy as they teach others to read and write. Specific character, academic and service goals will help them manifest their humanitarian plan. The elders of the community, pictured with some teachers and parents, thrilled in anticipation of the project launch, as so many of community members had lost a lifetime of opportunities for lack of reading skills.

These students’ very first Full-Circle Learning unit is now bringing life-changing results within their own clan. Their results will create wisdom exchange opportunities for schools in distant countries practicing the same habit-of-heart. Their teachers were among the 1,000 newly trained rural Liberian teachers moved off the waiting list in February, and already their noble vision and new strategies are bearing fruit. Meanwhile, new Girls United clubs also sprang up, and girls began to encourage one another to stay in school.

When the fervor renewed this spring, 100 Liberian schools had already regularly witnessed the customized impact of Full-Circle Learning programs. One thousand more Liberian teachers, including those at Joseph Town High, left the waiting list to see how they too could nurture a generation committed to applying its skills to the wellbeing of the human family.

Thank you for the loyal support that keeps their vision alive.

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