A school sets out to “Propel humanity into its next evolution of world action”

Judge Galarwolo received the appreciation of Faith Academy’s 4th Grade class, through student representative Massonia, for increasing the abundance of justice in Liberia.

African FCL trainer Christopher Swen wrote to tell about his visit to a school where teachers had received the Full-Circle Learning (FCL) strategies just one year ago and had embraced it full-tilt, with ten field trips per year to implement their learning units.

He described how Full-Circle Learning had helped some schools strive to create “reservoirs of learning” with the help of “intriguing service projects and field trips” that help students “push for greatness.”

For example, fourth graders at Faith Academy recently studied the habit-of-heart Appreciation. Their social studies unit helped learners realize the abundance of natural resources above and below the earth. Puzzled, they began to ask, With so much here to share, why are so many citizens still malnourished? Why do so many live in abject poverty, with no roof over their heads, in slum communities?

The teacher’s approach to the FCL unit helped them reason that if all things exist in abundance, so must justice. While their parents had told them, “There is no justice for the poor,” their upcoming field trip—one of ten over the past year--would help them investigate this truth for themselves.

Consequently, at 8:30 a.m., these fourth-graders showed up at the courthouse to witness a criminal rape case. The judge explained that neither the 12-year-old victim nor the suspect could afford attorneys, so the government would provide two lawyers apiece (four in total) to advocate for their rights. The jury also gathered to ensure that poverty was no barrier to justice. The children watched the day’s full proceedings. Uniting the community and the learners had a profound impact on those present as they began to perceive justice as a resource to truly appreciate. After the trial, the students gave the judge a card of appreciation and thanked the jury for ensuring empathy for all.

The teacher said that the Full-Circle Learning lessons and projects over just one year, had helped the students “fundamentally change the way they look at the world and the way they perceive their own country.” He called the FCL model “a blueprint to help propel humanity into its next evolution of world action.”

Liberian students gathered with staff after their illuminating day in court.

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