Headmasters see “…not just education, but a program on which our future depends”

Davidson Efetobore traveled to the Gambia for a refresher course and community impact study in 2018. He reported on the positive influence of school collaborations there. Alagie Ndow, a Full-Circle Learning coordinator who has founded nonprofits and continues to work at NGOs applying the Full-Circle Learning model, has coordinated training workshops and field trips within the Gambia as well as inspiring wisdom exchanges in the US. Algaie wrote:

“I see significant impact in the lives of many young people as they master the learning units and implement the universal habits of heart in their respective communities. This has enabled teachers and students to rise above and become change agents in communities around Gambia.

‘This is a great transformational model that can bring about change in our schools and the life of students as they master the habits-of-heart,’ said one of the parents during the shining moments at the end of a…six-week intensive program. Another educator, Mr. Suso, Deputy Head Master of one of the schools, added that ‘…this is not just education but a program on which our future depends.’ “

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