On the Fifth Day of Christmas, The Students Gave to Thee The Habit of Civic-Mindedness

...to Help Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Full-Circle Learning students come to see themselves as society's humanitarians, always identifying those who need their academic skills and creativity as well as their character strengths and habits-of-heart.

No matter how young the student, a baby is younger. With this in mind, the students of Alagie NDow's Inspiring Young Stars program set about to study the effects of poor sanitation on pregnant women and babies and their ability to thrive.

Their health class, along with their habit-of-heart goals, inspired the learners to act. Before long, they had carried out a campaign to clean the community and had taught others about the importance of hygiene for obstetric health.

As we highlight 12 of this past month's project reports, consider how much your contribution catapults not just one child's strengths but the capacities of the societies in which they serve.

Please help sustain their efforts to foster a generation of true change agents.