On the Fourth Day of Christmas, the Students Gave to Thee The Habit of Respect

...to Strengthen Community Resiliency

Young Satta Musa convinced her peers that respect for humanity means not only staying in school but also taking responsibility to reduce violence, armed robbery, corruption, child labor, and teen pregnancy. Her school supports her with projects that encourage students to go into the classrooms of younger children, as role models of what it means to safeguard a basic respect for humanity.

Meanwhile, Helena Kollie engaged her classmates in a project to achieve mutual respect by promoting economic reforms. She gathers classmates three times a week to study economic models and to work on outreach projects in the community, encouraged by their principal.

Satta Musa (above), from Young Christian Academy, and Helena Kollie (below), from Kingdom Foundation International, are able to attend high school with the help of scholarships offered in partnership with the EHG Fund.* You too can maximize your giving with a matching grant from your employer, to help schools in locations where public education is not freely offered by the system but where respect for humanity is abundant in the lives of teachers and learners.

*(The Madame Dorbor scholarships are a partnership project funded by EHG with support from FCL, in the name of the late Awena Dorbor, FCL trainer and director of the Deborah K. Moore school in Liberia.)

As we highlight 12 of this past month's project reports, consider how much your contribution catapults not just one child's strengths but the capacities of the societies in which they serve.

Please help sustain their efforts to foster a generation of true change agents.